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Let’s give a shout out to Social Isolation!
Let’s give a shout out to Social Isolation!
During challenging situations, there are both positive and negative unexpected outcomes. Yes, the negatives are tragic, grief-filled losses-not to be diminished. They are to be memorialized and mourned. Then, the time will come to continue to live our lives. Hopefully, during the mandatory social isolation with our selves and families, we have grown in creativity and love.

What are some new discoveries and gifts of this time?

Number one on my list is more time with my spouse. There have been many more opportunities to talk, play Scrabble, eat together, walk and, yes, watch TV.
It has been a surprise gift of needed intimate time.
Also, with Facetime/Zoom we connected with grandchildren and adult children who live far away. Real concern and caring has been expressed repeatedly which is often unspoken. My 2 year old granddaughter calls me "Gramma". A grandson shares he is watching The Office! One of my daughters smiles as she describes her adorable chickens.

Family remains the haven for hard times in life.

Social isolation is an oxymoron: one cannot be social and isolated at the same time. The isolation has produced quality time with family and self; the social part, that disappeared for a period of time, allows us to become aware of our lifestyle and decide if we want the same model back.
Do we want uncertain healthcare quickly lost from our jobs? Do we honor all types of workers? Can we be more careful and treasure our families? Do we acknowledge the change in nature that occurred in the air quality of our cities? I believe there are many additional new thoughts and ideas from each of you from this crisis.

There is much to consider.

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