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Family Walks.
Family Walks.
In our family we have a tradition of taking family walks when we get together. It can really help settle down after a holiday meal but it happens every time we visit holiday or not.
It is an opportunity to be together without electronic media and to be outdoors in nature.
After choosing a destination together, we all start out the walk in a cluster. As we walk, the groups separate into categories: men, women, kids, girls, boys, etc. Then the groups become twosomes where the deep conversations can take place and many times great laughter. Now and then, someone will wander seeking the location of a bird or the view from a high point.
Every new discovery is shared and enjoyed by all. My favorite meetings take place in the sweet confidential talks with my grandkids. As we complete the walk and return home, we are all refreshed with bonds strengthened. If you are not already walking as a family, give it a try.

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