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Someone is in the house, somewhere
Someone is in the house, somewhere
How do you know what you never learned? Maybe you sense something is missing inside yourself: common knowledge, humor, skills, warmth, joy, or knowing yourself. Its hard to say when you don't know what's missing.
If you need information you think you should have gotten before adulthood, careers and responsibilities occurred, where can you find it now?
I have felt this way; I felt ill-equipped for life. I had a painful start.
Then I started my journey of self-discovery. I sought education, research about emotions, behavior and self-discipline, found groups, friends, experts, and spiritual practices. These all helped to fill in gaps and I began to learn what was missing.
As a child I was often alone, but I knew someone was in the house. That was a small and essential comfort for me. I learned early it was best not to seek companionship, but to accept what was. I lived on my own believing life was like TV families and like the family of my neighbor. As I grew, I wanted to know about things I missed; I found a whole new way to live, think and feel.
My own life got better as an adult but it took time and effort.
My purpose is to help families going forward one step at a time.

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