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Sleep is essential . It effects circumstances in all phases of life.
Right now I am thinking about parents and the first 24 months of caring for a new infant. Usually this time interval is known for its parental sleep deprivation; parents lose up to 6 months of sleep in those first 24 months according to
I am worried about the parents. With all the anticipation and joy at the birth of a child, there is a significant adjustment that the parents are about to experience. They will need to mobilize the stamina needed to do one of the first jobs of parenting-getting baby to sleep.
There are lots of great experts to give you tips on remedies to help your child sleep. What I choose to emphasize in this challenge is the unique opportunity you, as parents, have to get acquainted with your infant and deepen your marriage and parenting commitment. It may be difficult, but I suggest an expansive sense of humor providing stories for years to come, about the "sleepless days", the saga of your baby's debut into your life.
For the parents, I prescribe pillow talk, whispering after the baby sleeps, remembering each obstacle vanquished and the deeds it required to appease the tiny tyrant. Who knew, a ragged old shirt of yours, could be the solution to calm the baby. And some parents deeply against pacifiers, relented because it worked for their child and sleep. Then during cuddling parent time, congratulating yourselves for a job well done! And finally, restful, proud, happy and contented sleep, together, until the next sad cry.

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