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The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life
For spring, I want to celebrate nature - especially this tree: The Tree of Life. For ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Babylonians, Druids and many other spiritual belief groups, the tree was a symbol of life.
I relate to the phases of the 4 seasons through trees, as they capture the cycle of life changing in form and color. These transformations help me to understand many aspects of human life. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, can reflect what is happening in each person's life. Daily use of a season to identify where you are in the present moment lends direction to where you are now and provides a way to explore any situation in a tranquil, inspired, landscape.
The wisdom of observing nature can be useful in many applications. As a family therapist, I often envision the challenges to be met in therapy as being like a temporary seasonal climate. Tasks that come to mind for families can be compared to each season. As a winter difficulty, barren trees may hang down with snowy boughs heavy with cold emotions. Other situations may require careful navigation through icy and slippery circumstances. Spring represents new birth, both frightening and bursting forth like new leaves and blooms of opportunity. Summer projects needing backbreaking work in the hot sun with no shade can cause high frustration. Yet summer can also be a time of freedom to enjoy a lush tropical vacation under palm trees with the expectation of rest and recreation coupled with financial concerns. And lastly, the glorious beauty of fall foliage can represent serious changes, dramatic scenes and vibrant emotions.
My Tree of Life has a stocky trunk with many branches that are thin and long. The branches represent happenings in life through the seasons. As tasks are completed limbs break off as after a windy day. Each event is part of a full life with all the necessary adjustments, a scope of emotions, joy and sorrow, losses, changes and colors brilliant to dull. Trees have roots to provide a stable foundation of history and knowledge for this temporary life.
Nature helps me understand and participate in the ever flowing beauty and wisdom of life.

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