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Time and Attention
Time and Attention
Early this morning, I found the beauty of the moon touching my heart. The moon was completing its monthly changes, each phase unique., individual and enchanting. Now begins autumn, another symbol of passage as trees shed leaves, and flowers pass away. Our human existence understands the challenges of this next season of diminishing light, cooler temperatures and darker days.
The moon and its cyclical phases, are there for parents to identify with faith in the cycle of life, as their children grow, learn, and mature; witnessing them moving from full independence, through increasing mobility, learning and autonomy. The moon cycle happens daily, as do moods and daily circumstances, while the 4 seasons mark periods of physical and emotional maturation. Similarly the child's maturing body and developing personality are introduced to its perennial tasks as a human being, values and tools for living are acquired.
As I contemplate talking with and writing parents about how spending time and giving attention to their children are responsibilities included in parenthood, I become more and more aware of the challenges. Time spent with children is precious. There is no set formula to achieve the correct length of time for attention or how to correctly spend time with your child or even where.
The necessity of the constant care of an infant sets the relationship between parent and child on its course. The baby needs you and you respond. As your family grows, the details change but the need for the relationships for both the parents and children remain.
Parents need their child's love. It is a basic need and it must be prioritized, scheduled and met, not forgotten, postponed, or abandoned. Make time with your child because your child is so wonderful and part of you. The magic of time spent with your child is the catalyst that draws parents and child together. The many mundane responsibilities of life that require your attention disappear when an opportunity to spend time with your child arises. Answer that primal desire to hang out with your child. During those times when moments open up to be with your child, your attention is like cool water and a snack for both of you. You are refreshed. Your child is noticed and happy with your attention, your presence and your affection. It is more potent than a vitamin pill or a new toy and a joyous connection for you. Children need, benefit, and bloom, as a spring flower in nature, from your time and attention.
Identifying with the moon, its cyclic quality resonates with parenting. As a families evolve, divine guidance is there by connecting with the wisdom of nature.

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