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Family Structure
Family Structure
A family is a complicated operation made of of multiple systems that evolve over time. A partial list of systems could include: a value system, a child parenting system, a home that requires maintenance, employment, transportation, time management to schedule the many activities involved with family life, life planning such as savings, insurance, health care, and recreation time. The headquarters of the operation is the home. The members are the family, but it starts out with the parents who build the preliminary structure. There are more systems that each family uniquely creates.
The ideas for your family always includes the experience from the family of origin of both parents. In my book, Conversations with Your Child, I suggest to parents to cultivate the habit of inner reflection and objectively looking back at one’s own childhood is included. This will be an exciting experience filled with memories, emotions and good information for new your family. Most likely it will bring up multiple, lifelong conversations as you merge the past with the future to mold your family and life.
There will be difficult and unexpected situations. Thoughtful awareness, regular look backs at what’s happening, and a uniting family value can keep a family functioning successfully.
Please feel free to share your creative solutions to situations, challenges, problems, vacations, schedules, and whatever. Families find a way.

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