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Wrong Thoughts
Wrong Thoughts
There is a natural phenomenon called intuition; it begins as an internal voice heard within your mind that gives the ability to understand something spontaneously. It is also related to one's conscience that functions as a guide to the rightness and wrongness of one's beliefs and ultimately informs each person's behavior.

In childhood, many rules of how to act and think are presented. Each person receives, observes, and accumulates experiences while living and choosing certain paths. The great miracle of living is that at any time, an individual can change his direction. The inner knowing acts as a signal to reevaluate new and old ideas and monitor the path's direction.

Have you experienced this inner sensation? Is it a new experience? Do you feel confused, frightened or questioning? If so, I suggest you take some time and research this phenomena of inner messages. It has many names throughout human history. Examples are spirit, subconscious, innermost self, being, and inner awareness. It is the emotional and spiritual part of each person.

In my life I had doubts about things that I believed for a long time. I started having an inner dialogue with myself to sort it out. One thought stood out. I said to myself, "thought stop bugging me". My troubling thought said to me, "I am a well known thought of yours and I have been around for a long time; what's different now? Don't change a thing." My intuition said," this doesn't work anymore".

I became aware that I no longer accepted this thought. Observation and evidence had revealed to me that the thought no longer aligned with my values. My habitual and long-standing beliefs clung to the old thought for a while. Then I embraced my new understanding. I found I could let go of the old idea. It wasn't easy and took time.

Something happens inside when a thought is discovered as no longer acceptable to an individual; you resist change. A wall begins to form somewhere inside your body to protect the wrong thought. Maintaining this situation takes energy, and time, and pieces of your integrity. There are consequences. There is sadness, doubt and pain. You protest, "this isn't fair!" You blame saying, "someone told me this and I believed it."

Then, you finally embrace the new, right thought and begin to transition and choose actions to change. The movement to your new insight and inner integrity brings relief; you can rest and feel in alignment with truth. You are no longer a prisoner of a wrong thought. You become a channel of peace for yourself and others. You grow and change according to the new knowledge. You breathe deeply and smile.

How does one identify a wrong thought? Each person must decide. Inner knowing begins the investigation of a thought. The main indication for me to become aware of wrong thinking is when I am judging someone else and believing and striving to be helpful. Another red flag could be escalating and conflict. In other words, insisting on agreement with my greater wisdom. Sometimes I forget that thinking is each persons right and if I have different ideas from another. My role to listen respectfully, make an effort to understand and move on if it is not for me.

There are many circumstances where people exchange information and ideas. There is simple conversation to formal discourse. There are five types of discourse: narrative, description, persuasive, argumentative and expository. Then there are the values, personal experience, cultural background, location, gender, worldview, political and financial standing. of each of us. To summarize, there are lots of factors and multiple beliefs. How can we communicate?

We could use unity and tolerance for the greater good for all, starting with the examination of our own wrong thoughts and old ideas.

Next time you discover a wrong idea, you will know how to evaluate and decide what to do more quickly. For me, the memory of the pain was too great to delay again. Maybe I need to ask others about certain thoughts I have that are beginning to trouble me. I need help and thinkers of truth around me. I can say "yes" to become open and listen to ideas and thoughts of others.

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