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Conversations with Your Child
Conversations with Your Child
How to talk with your child at every age and form lifelong bonds.

J. Lambroschino offers you an inviting, informative, and clear how-to manual to parent a child of any age. From infancy to young adult, children learn to connect through talking. It starts with sounds, like crying, Your infant follows your eyes and lips as you speak and copies what you do. With amazement, you perceive the child's first words. A connection is established through conversation.
Meaningful, wise parenting happens through family conversations. They are the vehicle that connects family members and creates relationships so learning can occur. Yet, as children grow and mature, you can find yourself slipping into mostly a disciplinarian role. The job of parenting involves more. It requires attention to complex situations and schedules. It also necessitates a dynamic process of frequent updates, cleanouts, and new ideas, seeking help from other parents, professionals, many great books, and spiritual resources. Expert tools, along with personal reflection on your own experiences, can lead you to choose s framework for your home.
Lambroschino breaks down the book's content into digestible bullets, lists of essentials, and motivational quotes. The most useful elements are her talking points and simple scripts that walk you through trouble spots and pinpoint basic responsibilities.

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